Family and club announcements




OLIVER: delighted to report, Hannah, you’ll be able to read this online from Australia on the day through the Northern Cross website – happy homepage visit on October 27. Hope you manage some time off to celebrate. Lots of love – Grandma Elaine and Nana & Poppa



Wedding anniversary



BAILEY: definitely 57 varieties is the theme for this year’s anniversary on October 26 – an edible idea for a quiet celebration at home. Love  – Maureen and JohnB 


READER: Simon Peter and Mary, here’s more inspiration to try a family ad. This one would cost you £5.32.




Roll of honour


THE FOLLOWING former champions of Northern Cross are remembered here for their anniversaries occurring during October.


Stan Swaddle (October 1988)

John Tallentyre (October 1997)

Joe Aiken (October 2004)

John Smith (October 2005)

John Forbes (October 2007)

Bill Devine (October 2008)

Lyn Boyd (October 2016)


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