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ANYONE WHO KNOWS US: a prayerful and happy Advent and a wonderful time together at Christmas. Much love and cheers, Maureen and John Bailey


BAILEY: Scarlett, you’re definitely part of the teen-set from December 28. We’ll be shivering in the single Centigrades here while you go swimming with the temperature at 30 degrees C. Have a brilliant day, however you spend it. Love from Nana and Poppa xx


OLIVER: Nathan, a man with his own agenda and career now, so enjoy December 18, though we hope you manage to spend it with the family – as well as the giraffes  Love – Nana and Poppa


TIME: Old Father, an amazing year just ending … what to plan for 2022? Must use Family & Club announcements more often. Cost £8.68 for this ad @ 28p a word.  


Roll of Honour


THE FOLLOWING former champions of Northern Cross are remembered here for their anniversaries occurring during December.


Mgr Philip Cronin (December 1988)

Joe Cummings (December,1989)

Philip Crowe (December 1993)

Ken Hughes (December1996)

Anne Crowe (December1999)

Tony Crangle (December 2000)

Michael Cullen (December 2001)

Dennis McCormack (December 2002)

Brian Connolly (December 2007)

Ken Bradley (December 2009)

Ann Luke (December 2019)

Jennifer Marie Gilligan (December 2020)



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