How you can help the Northern Cross

Send us your news

IT is easy to make sure that your church, parish, school or organisation has its news and events reported in the Northern Cross.

Simply send an email to the Editor telling them about your story. If you can write a report, all the better, but even a few notes will give us what we need to start preparing a report for publication. Include a daytime phone number so we can get in touch with you.

If you are able to submit photographs about your news or event, please attach them to the email as separate jpeg files, preferably with a file size not less than 150KB. If your images are large (3MB or higher) please send them on several emails to avoid blocking our Inbox.

We look forward to hearing from you on:


Note: All digital cameras can record photographs as jpeg files. If you attach photographs as they were recorded by your camera or mobile device, we can probably use them. We can't use photographs taken from websites because the file sizes are too small for newspaper publication.


Join the management team

As a registered charity, the Northern Cross is managed by a small team of Directors and non-executive committee members, who give their time freely to attend meetings that occur about once a month. We are keen to attract new members to our management team to offer advice, ideas for future direction and, if they wish, to help with the administration of the charity and organising of fund-raising events and initiatives. Members of the management team are only expected to give time they can spare. If you would like to help the Northern Cross in this way, please contact Tom Hoban on 07792 913360 or at


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